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Quality. Design. Functionality.

Durable has been creating award-winning workplace solutions for over 100 years to make your daily work life more efficient and productive. Our products are a testament to our commitment to quality, design, and functionality.

We are proud to be Germany’s leading office products manufacturer.

Carbon Neutral

Durable is now a certified carbon-neutral company. We invest in sustainable energy production, recycle over 80% of our waste, and have even set up a nature conservation in one of our facilities to keep bees.

Product DNA

German Design

User-centric German designs that enhance productivity, efficiency, and aesthetics in the workplace

Premium Materials

We take pride in our commitment to quality utilising only the finest materials to ensure a great finish and a longer product lifecycle

Buy once. Buy well.

Our products are meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time. We understand the value of products that endure.

Durable products are versatile, integrate well into the ambience and can withstand a lot

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Our History

Foundation 1920

Karl Hunke and Wilhelm Jochheim founded the company in 1920 in Iserlohn, initially producing metal index tabs. By the mid 1930s, the company had grown considerably and acquired its own production and administration site on Wilhelmstraße. By the time war broke out, the company’s workforce totalled around 50 employees.

Our History

The war years: raw material shortages, structural chaos

The outbreak of the Second World War was challenging for everyone, including DURABLE, and the situation remained difficult throughout the war years. In particular, the company struggled to procure sufficient raw materials. Due to the volatile situation in the country, customers dropped away and the company began to struggle financially.

Our History

Post-war period: the economic boom

In 1948, the economy began to recover and it was easier to procure raw materials. Since the work was physically undemanding, the company primarily recruited women. The positive economic trend also resulted in a rising demand for accounting systems.

DURABLE expanded its Westfalen Street site and also acquired a new, 16,000-m2 plot of land in Kamen-Methler so that they could close their original premises, which had become too small. The expansion was a clear and visible sign to the world that the family-owned company was thriving.

Our History

The 1970s: increased output

Production began at the new site in Kamen-Methler in 1965, but within just five years, the company needed to expand further. By 1978, the production floor had been extended to 10,000 m2.
The company increasingly strove to gain a foothold on the international market, initially by sending sales reps and importers to various neighbouring European countries.

Our History

1980s and 1990s: internationalisation and expansion

Throughout the 1980s, DURABLE maintained a clear focus on international expansion. In order to gain a stronger foothold on overseas markets, the company founded first foreign subsidiaries in England and Sweden, followed later by the Netherlands. They also turned their attention for the first time to markets outside of Europe.

Our History

The new millennium

Exports flourished after founding new subsidiaries in France, Austria, the USA and Russia, now accounting for nearly 50% of the company’s sales.
Having grown steadily and healthily for many decades, the company decided to safeguard its production by acquiring a new site in Poland. Approximately 24,000 m2 in size, the new production site in Stettin was officially opened in 2006.

DURABLE acquired the Finnish brand IDEALPLAST and was thus able to expand its product portfolio. By acquiring subdivisions of various additional companies, the company was also able to add new office supplies and waste management products to their range.

Our History

2010 to now: Digitalisation changes the world of work

DURABLE is committed to innovation, embracing digitalization with products like TABLET HOLDERS and monitor mounts while prioritizing ergonomic workplaces and human-centric lighting through LUCTRA, adapting to the changing work landscape.

Our History

2020: DURABLE celebrates its 100th anniversary

DURABLE celebrates its 100th birthday. This anniversary fills us with pride and courage to face the great challenges of the future.

The new decade is set to bring major changes for DURABLE: our long-standing CEO Horst-Werner Maier-Hunke will be retiring from his executive role after serving the company for forty years. His successor is Rolf Schifferens, who will now be heading the company alongside Matthias Laue.

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